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Precise Eye Fixed Magnification Lens





Precise Eye lenses are designed to provide superior optical performance and high vibration stability over standard C-mount video lenses. They are optically precise and rugged to meet the demanding needs of fixed, high magnification machine vision, metrology, fiber optic, and industrial imaging applications. Precise Eye lenses incorporate Navitar’s precision engineering along with quality construction, resulting in images that are sharp, high resolution and optically corrected for remarkable image quality.

• High resolution, diffraction-limited f/4.5 optical quality for high precision measurement and inspection.

• Long working distance makes lighting and handling easier.

• Compact size.

• Coaxial lighting available for shadow free illumination.

• Compatible with high-magnification infinity corrected objectives (5X, 10X, 20X, 50X).

• Mechanically stable for the most demanding vibration environments.”

• Modular design for flexibility.

• Optics attach to any C-mount camera.

• Short tube length (approx. 4 inches) and small diameter (1.25 inches).

• Allows for co-axial illumination and/or 3 mm fine focus.

• High transmission (>70%) over the visible to near IR spectrum.

• Covers magnification factors of between 0.30X and 7.2X.

• Working distance ranges from 36 mm to 356 mm.


PreciseEye Body Tubes

The Precise Eye system body tubes are the core component of this fixed optical relay lens system. Body tubes may be configured in a finite conjugate system with fixed working distances or in infinity corrected systems where objectives are utilized for greater magnification. Options include:

Non Fine Focus

Fine Focus


Coaxial Illumination


P/n Description
1-61456 Body Tube, Non FF
1-61449 Body Tube, 3 mm FF
1-62473 Body Tube, 3 mm FF, Aperture
1-62707 Body Tube, Non FF, Coax
1-61446 Body Tube, Coax, 3 mm FF
1-61817 Body Tube, Coax, 3 mm FF, Polarizer
1-62247 Body Tube, Right Angle Coax, 3 mm FF


PreciseEye Body Tubes, UltraZoom

Designed to be coupled to infinity corrected objectives when higher

magnification and higher resolution imaging is required


P/n Description
1-61517 Ultra PE Body Tube, Non FF
1-61521 Ultra PE Body Tube, 3 mm FF
1-62840 Ultra PE Body Tube, Coax
1-61522 Ultra PE Body Tube, Coax, 3 mm FF


PreciseEye Body Tubes, Motorized and Ultrazoom motorized

Motorized Precise Eye body tubes are motorized so the solution can be

automated and controlled with a motor driver. Options include:

Fine Focus

Motor Type

Coaxial Illumination


P/n Description
1-62691 PB Body Tube, Mot. 3 mm FF encoded servo
1-62693 PE Body Tube, Mot. 3 mm FF 2 phase stepper
1-62302 PE Body Tube, Mot. 3 mm FF, Coax, 2 phase stepper
1-62304 Ultra PE Body Tube, Mot, Coax, 3 mm FF 2 phase stepper
1-62079 Ultra PE Body Tube, Mot, 3 mm FF 2 phase stepper


PreciseEye Body Tubes, Right Angle

Recommended for applications with limited space.

These body tubes are available in coaxial illumination / 3 mm fine focus

and non-fine focus.


P/n Description
1-62709 Body Tube, Coax, Right Angle, Non FF
1-61537 Body Tube, Coax, Right Angle, 3 mm FF
1-61530 Body Tube, Right Angle, Non FF
1-61535 Body Tube, Right Angle, 3 mm FF


PreciseEye Adapter Tubes

An adapter tube is a required component for the complete Precise Eye System.

Adapter tubes are available in magnifications range from 0.5X to 2.0X.

adapter tubes are available in standard and right angle formats

and mount to vary the orientation and optical path of the system.


P/n Description
1-62088 0.5X Standard Adapter
1-61453 0.67X Standard Adapter
1-61445 1.0X Standard Adapter
1-61448 1.33X Standard Adapter
1-62539 1.33X Right Angle Adapter
1-62263 2.0X Non Inverting Right Angle Adapter
1-62214 2.0X Right Angle Adapter
1-61450 2.0X Standard Adapter


PreciseEye Lens Attachment

Lens attachments thread onto the bottom of the zoom system and can

extend the working distance out to 350 mm or pull it in as close as 35

mm. The extending lenses (.75X, .5X, and .25X) decrease the overall

magnification, and increase the field of view. The shortening lenses (1.5X,

and 2.0X) increase the magnification and decrease the field of view. As the

working distance goes from long to short, the “taking NA” of the system

increases, resulting in an increase in resolving power.

Right Angle and Non-Inverting Right Angle attachments are also available


P/n Description
1-6044 0.25X Lens Attachment
1-60110 0.5X Lens Attachment
1-60111 0.75X Lens Attachment
1-60112 1.5X Lens Attachment
1-60113 2.0X Lens Attachment
1-60640 UltraZoom Converter Lens
1-62866 Right Angle Lens Attachment
1-61595 0.5X Non Inverting Right Angle Viewer (131 mm working distance)
1-61217 0.75X Non Inverting Right Angle Viewer (69 mm working distance)
1-60869 1.5X Non Inverting Right Angle Viewer (7 mm working distance)


PreciseEye Power Controller

Utilized when a motorized zoom is used.

Controllers are necessary to drive the motor.

Power supplies are required to power the controller and drivers


P/n Description
2-62731 Brightlight II Control – board only (Digital)
1-60564 DC motor driver


PreciseEye Adapter Plates and Mounts

Adapter plates an be used with microscope stands from Nikon, Olympus, Meiji, Bausch & Lomb and Leica. For applications where vibration is of concern, flat mount options are available for more stability. Universal clamps allows for more creative and flexible mounting solutions when integrating the zoom system into a machine or in a laboratory environment with limited space.


P/n Description
1-61662 76 mm Adapter Plate for PE
1-61663 84 mm Adapter Plate for PE
1-61510 Mounting Clamp, PE


PreciseEye NIR Lens System

The Precise Eye NIR system has been specifically coated to

offer high resolution and unparalleled sensitivity for capturing microscopic

images in the near infrared (NIR) wavelength band of 700-1550nm.

Motorized lenses are available upon request.


P/n Description
1-62088-IR 0.5X Standard Adapter, Infrared
1-61453-IR 0.67X Standard Adapter, Infrared
1-61445-IR 1.0X Standard Adapter, Infrared
1-61448-IR 1.33X Standard Adapter, Infrared
1-61450-IR 2.0X Standard Adapter, Infrared
1-61521-IR Ultra PE Body Tube, 3 mm FF, Infrared
1-61522-IR Ultra PE Body Tube, Coax, 3 mm FF, Infrared
1-61517-IR Ultra PE Body Tube, Non FF, Infrared
1-61449-IR Body Tube, 3 mm FF, Infrared
1-61446-IR Body Tube, 3 mm FF, Coax, Infrared
1-61456-IR Body Tube, Non FF, Infrared
1-60110-IR 0.5X Lens Attachment, Infrared
1-60111-IR 0.75X Lens Attachment, Infrared
1-60112-IR 1.5X Lens Attachment, Infrared
1-60113-IR 2.0X Lens Attachment, Infrared
1-62510-IR Mitutoyo 5X NIR 0.14 NA & 37.5mm WD, Infrared
1-62238-IR Mitutoyo 10X NIR 0.26 NA & 30.5mm WD, Infrared
1-60946-IR Mitutoyo 20X NIR 0.40 NA & 20mm WD, Infrared
1-60947-IR Mitutoyo 50X NIR 0.42 NA &17mm WD, Infrared

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