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3D & 2D Digital Microscope and Measurement Systems
YSC PowerScope M400 (10X to 400X)
Usb Microscope YSC PowerScope M400 offers High Resolution Digital/Video Inspection and Measurement System with zoom range from 10X to 400X using changeable lens adapters. The system is ideal for inspection, documentation and measurement of micro electronics, SMT, wafer and semiconductor applications. Both coaxial and ring lighting options are available. The system can be configured with our video measurement software and ImagePower System for image Multi-Focusing and Tiling, and other video accessories. Various stand and X-Y-Z stages (manual or motorized) can be used, and tilting stage is available for viewing object at an oblique 3D angle.

YSC PowerScope M400 Actual Images
Video Inspection   Usb Microscope   Video Inspection   Usb Microscope
Bad Placement 33X
Bent Pins 33X
Blade 66X

Business Card 70X

Video Inspection System   Video Microscope   Video Inspection System   Video Microscope
Cold Solder Angle View 44X
Flatten Wire 200X
Hybrid 33X
J Lead Crack 44X
Usb Digital Microscope   Video Inspection   Usb Digital Microscope   Video Inspection
Metal Molded Part 33X
Mis-alignment 33X
Missing Component 33X
Probe Card 33X
Usb Digital Microscope   Usb Microscopes   Usb Digital Microscope   Usb Microscopes
Stencil 88X
Transducer 200X
Wire Bond 133X

Video Accessories
Digital Microscope
Lcd Digital Microscope
Digital Microscope

Lcd Digital Microscope
ImagePower System for Measurement, Multi-Focus and Tiling
Video Measurement Software
Flat Panel Computer Monito
Flat Panel LCD Monitor
Usb Microscope
Lcd Digital Microscope
Usb Microscope
Lcd Digital Microscope

Video Capture and Display Card

Portable Sony Memory Stick and Video Recorder
Video Printer
Various Stand Options
Video Inspection System
Usb Microscope
Video Inspection System
Usb Microscope
XY Stage for Double Sided SMT Board
Manual or Motorized XYZ Measurement Stages
Double Sided SMT Board XY Stage
Lighting Accessories

YSC PowerScope M400 (10x - 400x) Specifications
Lens Adapters Available 0.3x 0.4x 0.5x 0.7x M400 1.4x 2.0x 2.0x
Part Number MX03 MX04 MX05 MX07 MX14 MX20 RC-2X
Video Magnification with 14" monitor and 1/2" CCD camera 10x - 60x 13x - 80x 17x - 100x 23x - 140x 33x - 200x 46x - 280x 66x - 400x 66x - 400x
Horizontal field of view 28.3 to 4.67mm 21.2 to 3.5mm 17 to 2.8mm 12.1 to 2.0mm 8.5 to 1.4mm 6.1 to 1.0mm 4.3 to 0.7mm 4.3 to 0.7mm
  1.11" to 0.18" 0.83" to 0.14" 0.67" to 0.11" 0.48" to 0.079" 0.33" to 0.055" 0.24" to 0.039" 0.17" to 0.028" 0.17" to 0.028"
Working Distance 283mm (11.1") 211mm (8.31") 170mm (6.69") 119mm (4.69") 90mm (3.54") 55mm (2.17") 33mm (1.30") 90mm (3.54")
PowerZoom Lens Features Telecentric
  Adjustable Iris and Fine Focus
  With or without Detent "click" stops
Illuminations Available Internal Coaxial (bright field), Ring, Dual Arm Fiber, Side and Back Lighting
High Resolution CCD Camera Options 1/2" or 1/3" Color CCD with S-Video and Composite Outputs
Megapixel Camera Options 1.4MP, 2.0MP, 3.3MP and 32MP
HD High Definition Cameras 1080p and 1080i
Stand Options Tilting Focus Block, Boom Stand, Articulating Arm, Basic Stand
Video Options Video Image Capture, Video Measurement, XY & Z Measurement Stage
Image formats jpg, tif, bmp
Specifications subject to changes and E&O without notice.

YSC PowerScope M400 High Resolution Digital Video Inspection Microscope and Measurement System with 10X to 400X magnification option is great for demanding video inspection, documentation and measurement for SMT, Semiconductor, Medical Device, BGA, microBGA, CSP and Flip Chip packaging applications. The system can be configured with optional SXGA or UXGA digital video cameras, XY video measurement software, and XY or XYZ Measurement Stage.

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