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digital microscope HD801
3D & 2D Digital Microscope and Measurement Systems
HD High Definition 1080p Digital Microscope 7x—1676x YSC HD802
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The YSC HD802 is a powerful HD high definition digital microscope that uses the most advanced high definition digital camera technology to deliver full 1080p resolution in HD quality and full motion video at 60 frames per second with no lag time on a 22" HD Samsung monitor. The HD802 has a magnification range of 7x-1676x. It can be customized with various camera, lighting, stand, software, and measurement options.

The lens offers superior resolution with internal focus and iris adjustments. Detent click stop feature is available for video measure-ment applications, and the non detent click stop version is also available for general applications. For bright field coaxial lighting application, customers can configure lens with an internal coaxial lighting port. Various cameras (color, CCD, USB megapixel from 1.3MP—32MP), VGA output, HDMI output, Internal SD memory and HD high definition), lighting (LED, halogen and fluorescent) and stand options can be configured for your system.

The HD802 is integrated with the HD800 camera, which can capture image and record video directly into a micro SD card. The HD800 captures images at 6 megapixels (3264x1836) and records motion HD videos at 720p. No computer is required for this set up, however the USB output option is still available for direct connection to computers or for use with measurement software.


· Assembly
· Production
· Quality Control
· Failure Analysis
· Process Control
· Measurement
· Electronics
· Medical Device
· Machining
· Aerospace
· Natural Science
· Training
· Documentation


✔ High Definition HD 1080p digital microscope
✔ Healthy Ergonomics: Less eye fatigue and neck stress
✔ Great Depth of Field
✔ Long Working distance Option Available
✔ Adjustable Viewing Angles (with tilting stand option)
✔ Real Time Full Motion HD1080p 60fps
HD Video Display
· Large 22” HD monitor for discussion or training purposes
· Save images with 6 megapixel resolution to micro SD card
· HD 720p video motion can be recorded
· Wide zoom ratio with constant focus
· Full camera, lens and lighting adjustments
· XY measurement stage options available
· Internal micro SD card for direct image and video recording (NO computer needed)
· Different stand options
· Adjustable high intensity LEDs
· Fluorescent or halogen lighting options
· Measurement software option

HD800 Camera

Simultaneous USB and HDMI output. Images and motion videos can be saved to a micro SD card without using any computer. You can also use USB connection to connect between camera and monitor for viewing or measurement applications. Buttons for advanced parameter settings for white balance, gain, saturation, gamma, screen freeze, cross hair and much more. 1080p 60 fps Full Motion Video
✔ Excellent resolution and frame rate for full motion HD High Definition video display without any lag time.
✔ Low light video capability for fluorescent application with high sensitivity camera sensor.

Innovative dual FPGA processor design.
FPGA 1 for true chrome image quality processing and FPGA 2 for image output control. HD800 offers high-speed preview with superior image quality.

The HD800 camera is compatible with any microscopes with a c-mount photo tube. Low light video capability for fluorescent
application with high sensitivity camera
HD802 With Articulating Arm
HD802 With Basic Stand
& XY Measurement Stage
HD802 With 10" Monitor
& XY Measurement Stage
HD802 with Universal Boom Stand HD802 with 10" Monitor
On Universal Boom Stand

Technical Specifications

Adapter: 0.3x 0.5x 0.75x 1x (standard) 1.5x 2x
Video Magnification on 22" Monitor: 20x - 126x 33x - 210x 49x - 314x 65x - 419x 98x - 629x 130x - 838x
Field of View (Diagonal):

28.6mm - 4.4mm

1.12" - 0.175"

17.1mm - 2.7mm

0.675" - 0.105"

11.4mm - 1.8mm

0.450" - 0.070"

8.6mm - 1.3mm

0.337" - 0.052"

5.7mm - 0.9mm

0.225" - 0.035"

4.3mm - 0.7mm

0.169" - 0.026"

Working 331 mm (13.0")
199 mm (7.8") 131 mm (5.2") 97 mm (3.8") 61 mm (2.4") 46 mm (1.8")

* Optional rear couplers are available (0.35x, 0.5x, 0.75x, 1.5x, 2x) for lowering or increasing the magnification without changing

Camera Specifications

Mount Type



1/3” CMOS sensor from SONY 16:9 ratio

Live Video

HDMI 1060p 60 fps output


Live HD resolution 1920x1080 60 fps
Video records at 720p 12.5 fps
Still image capture resolution 3264x1836 (6,000,000 pixels)


HDMI, USB 2.0, micro SD features


Parameter adjustment (1): Exposure, White balance, Gamma, Gain, Sharpness, Saturation,
Parameter adjustment (2): Cross line, Image comparison, Image freeze


Supports Windows XP, 7 and 8. Mac OS X


Software for computer image capture and video measurement through computer

Actual images are captured at 6 megapixels (3264x1836). Click the thumbnail to expand.

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