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digital microscope HD801
3D & 2D Digital Microscope and Measurement Systems
Digital Microscope UL4200 (25x to 4200x)
Economy Digital Microscope Digital Microscope 10x-800x Digital Microscope 3x-49911x Digital Microscope 2x-74041x

Usb Microscope
YSC PowerScope UL4200 is the ultimate digital microscope which can be customized with various camera, lighting, stand, software and measurement options. The lens offers superior resolution and depth of field with detent click stop feature which is ideal for video measurement application. Wide full 1:12 zoom ratio. Standard internal coaxial lighting port is for bright field coaxial lighting application. Various cameras (color CCD, USB megapixel [from 1.3MP to 32MP], VGA output, HDMI output, Internal SD memory and HD high definition ), lighting (LED, halogen and fluorescent) and stand options can be configured for your system. Images and video can be captured. Measure- ment software, image processing software and X-Y-Z measure- ment stage are available. The system can be configured with motorized zoom lens and stage.

YSC PowerScope U4200 Actual Images
Video Inspection
Video Inspection System
Video Inspection
Video Inspection System
30X Hybrid
30X Hybrid 1
60X Decap

75X Hybrid

Digital Microscopes
Lcd Digital Microscope
Digital Microscopes
Lcd Digital Microscope
210X Copper
240X Wire Wedge
300X Ball Wire
300X Broken Wire Bond
Video Microscope
Usb Digital Microscope
Video Microscope
Usb Digital Microscope
300X Fiber
300X Hybrid Package
300X Stain
420X Laser Etch
Video Microscope
Usb Digital Microscope
Video Microscope
  Usb Digital Microscope
450X Breakage
450X Flatten Wire
730X DIE
900X Contamination
Usb Microscope   Video Inspection   Usb Microscope   Video Inspection
1200X Medical Stent Plating
1200X Probe Card Mark
1500X Broken Wire
1800X Wire
Digital Microscope   Usb Microscope   Digital Microscope   Usb Microscope
2100X Probe Card Tip
2940X Chip
3000X -Probe Card Mark
4200X IC

LIVE video measurements features
  • Distance
  • Point to Point
  • Circle Radius
  • Circle Area
  • Angle
  • Line Width
  • Parallel Line Measurement
  • Area
  • Motion Video Recording
  • JPG Image Capture
Multi-Focus Features:
  • Super-impose 3 different depth of field images into 1 superior image with great dept of field.  (Please see sample images below)
Tilting Feature:
  • Tile images with narrow field of view into 1 image with large combined field of view.  (Please see sample images below)

Key Benefits:

• High resolution video for viewing and documentation
• Less eye fatigue
• Great Depth of Field
• More Ergonomic
• Less neck stress
• Large LCD for discussion or training purpose
• Full motion real time video display
• Save images in jpg, bmp or tiff files
• Video Motion can be recorded

• Long working distance for assembly or inspection application
• Wide zoom ratio with constant focus
• Full camera, lens and lighting options
• Measurement software and XY measurement stage options
• Stand alone image and video capture device options
• Different stand options
• Adjustable viewing angles
• Adjustable high intensity LED
• Fluorescent or halogen lighting options


• Assembly
• Production
• Quality Control
• Failure Analysis
• Process Control
• Measurement
• Electronics
• Medical Device
• Machining
• Aerospace
• Natural Science
• Training
• Documentation

System Specifications:

Lens Objective U5 U15 U30 U50 U70
Video Magnification with   19" LCD and 1/2" CCD 25x-300x 75x-900x 150x-1800x 250x-3000x 350x-4200x
Optical Magnfication 0.42x-5x 1.25x-15x 2.5x-30x 4.16x-50x 5.83x-70x
Horizontal Field of View 15.24 to 1.280mm 5.12 to 0.427mm 2.56 to 0.213mm 1.54 to 0.128mm 1.10 to 0.091mm
with 1/2 inch CCD 0.600 to 0.050 inch 0.202 to 0.017 inch 0.101 to 0.008 inch 0.061 to 0.005 inch 0.043 to 0.004 inch
Working Distance 45mm (1.77 inch) 46.2mm (1.82 inch) 35.25mm (1.39 inch) 14mm (0.55 inch) 7.1mm (0.28 inch)
N.A. 0.01 - 0.07 0.03 - 0.2 0.06 - 0.36 0.1 - 0.45 0.14 - 0.7
Resolution (micron) 33.69 to 4.92 micron 11.18 to 1.68 micron 5.59 to 0.93 micron 3.36 to 0.74 micron 2.4 to 0.48 micron
Focal Depth (micron) 2774 to 59.2 micron 305.6 to 6.87 micron 76.4 to 2.09 micron 27.52 to 1.35 micron 14.05 to 0.56 micron
Lens Features Zoom Ratio 1:12 (0.83x to 10x) with Detent Click Stops
Lens Options Manual or Motorized
Lighting Options Internal Coaxial (Halogen or LED), Ring (Halogen, LED or diffused), Dual Arm Fiber, Side and Back Lighting
Camera Options Color CCD, USB MegaPixel (up to 32MP), HD 1080
Stand Options Manual or Motorized
Software Options Video Measurement, Image Capture and Image Processing
Measurement Options XY Measurement Stage or Z-Height
Image Files jpg, tif, bmp
Monitor Options 8, 10, 15, 22 inch Professional LCD
Specifications subject to changes and E&O without notice and liabilities.

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